Which Plumbing Jobs Should You Attempt Yourself?

6th April 2016 by Aquatech

As a company offering plumbing services right around the M11 corridor, you might think we’d naturally say that whatever your plumbing requirements are, you should always contact a professional company to carry out the work for you.

Whilst there’s no doubt we strongly believe that if you have a large plumbing job you need carrying out, you should call a professional, we’re not in the business of saying ‘you must always phone a plumber whatever the job is’, as we know some people can carry out the basics themselves.

But where do you draw the line between a job that you can do yourself and one that you should call the professionals in to complete?

The reality is, it’s down to the individual and essentially how confident you are of your ability.

For example, a couple of week’s ago we published a blog post all around bleeding your own radiator. A particularly basic task, it’s one that usually needs to be carried out relatively regularly to ensure your radiators remain as effective as they can.

Whether you know how to do it or not, after a read through that blog post, you should soon be bleeding all the radiators in your house. As a result, we generally wouldn’t advise someone to call a plumber to bleed their radiators.

However, this is generally – if you don’t feel confident doing so, then by all means, call a plumber!

We’re more than happy to carry out such minor jobs at Aquatech. Yes, they may be basic and there may be plenty of other people who’d do it themselves, but if you’re not entirely sure what you need to do, why risk trying and causing damage to your property?

When you think of it like this, you begin to realise just where your own line needs to be drawn.

But what you also have to take into consideration is the time factor, too – you might have read up on how to install a new bath, for instance, but if it’s going to mean you have to take a week off work to do so, is it really worth it, when a plumber might be able to do it in a fraction of the time?

Furthermore, you might be confident you could install the bath if everything went to plan, but what if something was put in your way that you had no idea about? Perhaps you have to cut or extend pipes – would you know what to do then?

At Aquatech, we’re just as happy carrying out the smaller jobs as we are the larger ones, but we do understand that some people feel confident doing the smaller projects themselves – and this is great.

However, as soon as you doubt whether you could carry out a piece of plumbing work, it’s time to call the experts in – and even if you think you could do it, it might be worth giving them a call, as they could prove to complete the work considerably quicker than you could and at a price that might just surprise you.

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