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Heating Services from Aquatech

Our heating services include:

Full System Design, Installation and Maintenance
We design and install modern heating systems from standard pumped two-pipe systems to luxurious under-floor heating solutions. We also service and maintain these systems as well as older one-pipe and gravity fed systems.

Boiler Replacements
Boilers need to be replaced periodically as they eventually become unsafe and inefficient. Aquatech will assess your boiler’s condition, give you an honest appraisal and only when necessary, help you decide on a new boiler.

Heating System Upgrades
Just as boilers need replacing from time to time, so do the systems they feed. We will give you an honest and informed view on the functionality of your heating system for its age. We'll never replace a system before its time.

Under Floor Heating
Under-floor heating is an efficient way to bring warmth to the whole room, and avoids visible pipes and radiators. They also lower your fuel costs as they run efficiently at much lower temperatures to traditional heating systems.

Servicing and Maintenance
Regular servicing is essential for efficiency and safety, and our reminder system ensures you don’t miss a service.

Aquatech installs, services and repairs all kinds of radiators, including traditional, designer, and vertical. Today, we understand that radiators can sometimes be about more than just heating but can make a real design statement in a room.

Central heating pumps supply water to your heating system. We cover repair and maintenance of these to keep your system running smoothly.

Programmers and Thermostats
The right heating programmer or thermostat can save you money and reduce environmental impact as well as being an easy and convenient way to keep your home or building at just the right temperature.

Leaking Pipes & Small Repairs
Aquatech is on-call to deal with pipe leaks and heating emergencies, as well tackling any small repairs.

Contact us to find out how we can bring a professional approach and great results to your heating project.

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