Rainwater Harvesting

Convert rainwater to supply your home

Rainwater harvesting enables you to simply collect rainwater, for free, which can be converted into usable water to clean your car, water your garden plants, or fill a pond. It’s also very handy to use rainwater in your washing machine, and to flush WCs.

Along with saving you money, rainwater harvesting is a great choice for the environment as it reduces demand on water sources and ground water – the WWF recently reported that over-extraction by water companies is damaging Britain’s wetlands and trout rivers.

Aquatech supplies and fits highly quality rainwater harvesting tanks and systems in the form of modular tanks which can be housed above or underground. We also supply pumps and integrate with your current water supply system. For new builds, we can create an entire water system from scratch, and we deal with everything from small houses to large apartment of office buildings.


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