Air source heat pumps at Aquatech

air source heat pump installed in Bishops Stortford


Here at Aquatech we are actively reviewing innovative technologies to make heating your home both an efficient and environmentally friendly process. Introducing to you our latest interest, the efficient and low-carbon Air Source Heat Pumps.

How do they operate?

Air source heat pumps are designed to offer low carbon alternatives to the traditional fossil fuel powered heating systems, such as oil and Lpg gas by transferring 75% (Energy) from the outside air to water which will then heat you home via radiators or preferably wet underfloor heating. Air to water Heat pumps are ideal for renovation and replacing old boilers.

Heat Pumps also offer lower running costs for customers with electric central heating, storage heaters.

They can reduce energy bills and environmental impact simultaneously. Heat pumps are an ideal choice for those homeowners who are already considering renewable energy solutions.


Why should you choose air source heat pumps with us?

You will be guaranteed the high standards of installation and after sales service that you would expect from Aquatech and be assured that we can provide the correct information about the benefits of switching to air source heat pumps, we continue to research and provide high quality products that meet your individual needs. Reducing carbon footprint is as important to us as it is to you.

At Aquatech, we provide a free of charge initial site survey for all customers interested in finding out more about air source heat pumps.

Our engineers have been busy completing the specialist heat pump training courses with Panasonic and Grant UK, which allows us now to offer domestic air source heat pumps from 3 to 17kW, and solutions that cater for heating, domestic hot water.



Solar Thermal


Harnessing the sun’s energy with water

Solar thermal, or solar water heating, works by installing solar panels on to the roof of a house or commercial property to collect energy from the sun. The energy is then used to generate hot water, which can then be utilised within the property. Paired with a biomass boiler, a solar thermal system can help you create a completely carbon-neutral environment.

Solar thermal is a highly-cost effective choice as the energy source – the sun’s light – is free. The only costs involved are the initial installation, a one-off investment and occasional simple maintenance. You’ll then rely less on fossil fuels like oil and gas to heat your property, prompting reduced energy bills, and producing fewer carbon emissions. Less reliance on fossil fuels bring about significant environmental benefits. Those who install solar thermal are often eligible for grants through the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Aquatech provides installation of solar thermal for domestic and commercial properties, covering everything from fitting the solar panels, to ensuring compatibility with current heat and hot water systems. Maintenance costs are very low, typically required every 3-7 years, when the solar fluid in the panels may need to be replaced or topped up. Our reminder system means that we will get in touch when a maintenance check is due.



Rainwater Harvesting

Convert rainwater to supply your home

Rainwater harvesting enables you to simply collect rainwater, for free, which can be converted into usable water to clean your car, water your garden plants, or fill a pond. It’s also very handy to use rainwater in your washing machine, and to flush WCs.

Along with saving you money, rainwater harvesting is a great choice for the environment as it reduces demand on water sources and ground water – the WWF recently reported that over-extraction by water companies is damaging Britain’s wetlands and trout rivers.

Aquatech supplies and fits highly quality rainwater harvesting tanks and systems in the form of modular tanks which can be housed above or underground. We also supply pumps and integrate with your current water supply system. For new builds, we can create an entire water system from scratch, and we deal with everything from small houses to large apartment of office buildings.

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