Solar Thermal

Harnessing the sun’s energy with water

Solar thermal, or solar water heating, works by installing solar panels on to the roof of a house or commercial property to collect energy from the sun. The energy is then used to generate hot water, which can then be utilised within the property. Paired with a biomass boiler, a solar thermal system can help you create a completely carbon-neutral environment.

Solar thermal is a highly-cost effective choice as the energy source – the sun’s light – is free. The only costs involved are the initial installation, a one-off investment and occasional simple maintenance. You’ll then rely less on fossil fuels like oil and gas to heat your property, prompting reduced energy bills, and producing fewer carbon emissions. Less reliance on fossil fuels bring about significant environmental benefits. Those who install solar thermal are often eligible for grants through the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Aquatech provides installation of solar thermal for domestic and commercial properties, covering everything from fitting the solar panels, to ensuring compatibility with current heat and hot water systems. Maintenance costs are very low, typically required every 3-7 years, when the solar fluid in the panels may need to be replaced or topped up. Our reminder system means that we will get in touch when a maintenance check is due.


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