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We can cater for a full system design and installation from scratch. Existing system upgrades keeping and adapting existing parts of your systems. Or just carry out small repairs and leaks including servicing and maintenance.

Boilers & Heating

Modern efficient heating systems

We design and install modern heating systems from standard pumped two-pipe systems to luxurious under-floor heating solutions. We also service and maintain these systems as well as older one-pipe and gravity fed systems.


Gorgeous bathrooms expertly installed

Aquatech are trusted experts in creating beautiful and efficient bathrooms, and advising you on the products which will transform a tired old bathroom into something new, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and streamlined.


Plumbing emergencies don’t have to be a disaster

Plumbing & Heating emergencies don’t have to be a disaster. With the best plumbing expertise and a fast response time many issues can be averted. Get help from our team of dedicated and qualified plumbers who are available help you with your plumbing emergency.


Environmental & Cost Saving Solutions

Renewable energy is energy generated from natural resources, such as water, solar or biomass. They are all being tapped through modern and innovative technologies to bring clean and efficient heating and hot water to your homes and businesses..

"I walk into our en-suite, it truly feels like the boutique hotel, chic style I was aiming for!"

Mr & Mrs Walsh, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire

Plumbers in Duxford

Aquatech is a well-known design and plumbing installation company for bathrooms and central heating. Their work has always been a remarkable combination of style and function to compliment your lifestyle and home décor.

They have extended their extensive experience and know-how as plumbers and trade professionals in heating and boiler repair to ensure that each installation job is professionally completed. The ongoing maintenance aspect of the company remains handy for any other related jobs that crop up around the home or premises.

With a plumber located locally in Duxford, site visits and call outs are quick and convenient. It is usual for a representative to discuss to the ideas for a new bathroom design or central heating system whilst on site. The client’s ideas, layout and structure of the premises, age of the building (especially if it is an old building), cost and timeframes are all taken into consideration.

Aquatech works closely with the client to ensure all the details are in place. Once agreed, they would even manage the entire operation on behalf of the client, if requested. Their years’ experience of working with both domestic and commercial clients makes them very aware of the varying needs for different types of jobs. Often, they advise on the issues that the client may not think to ask, in terms of plumbing infrastructure, use of space and lighting. Clients can rest assured that their tradesmen will get the job done with minimal disruptions and the structure and furnishings of the premises are left intact.

Ultimately, it is all about providing excellent service and customer satisfaction for every job undertaken.

It comes as no surprise that the majority of their clients who chose Aquatech base their decision on previous referrals.  In fact, the majority of Aquatech jobs are based on very satisfied customers.

If you wish to have to discuss your ideas for a dream bathroom or central heating that fits with your home, please do get in touch. Or perhaps it is a leaking tap or faulty boiler – a call out engineer will be there in a matter of minutes.


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Duxford Case Study

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Job Description

Our Duxford client's brief was to remove an existing Cloakroom and move walls and a doorway to create a ground floor shower room with W/C with a traditional farmhouse feel with a modern twist.