3 Bathroom Myths We Hear As A Plumber Epping

Over the years we’ve spoken to a huge number of people about all things related to bathrooms.

Sometimes we have particularly in-depth conversations about what it is we can exactly do for them as a plumber in Epping, whilst other times it’s simply offering a high level overview of how a particular product works.

There are certain occasions, however, where we have to explain why something they believe isn’t right. It could be something they’ve heard from another party or it could be something they’ve read online, but it’s in no way true and we feel obliged to help them understand why it’s the case.

With various myths and misconceptions always floating around, these three are some of those we hear regularly.

1. All fixtures and fittings are basically the same

We always do our utmost to work within a customer’s budget, whatever that may be and give them as much choice as possible by showing just what’s available.

Whilst we try not to work with particularly low-budget materials or accessories, we understand they may be a necessity for some customers – however, we always advise that where possible, the highest quality items should be chosen as the simple fact is, all fixtures and fittings are different.

There obviously comes a point where design takes over from practicality, but if you spend £20 on a tap, there’s going to be a huge difference to one that costs £200. That difference may not be immediately obvious as they might look very similar, but as you use and clean them regularly, you’ll soon realise that the cheaper option suffers from ‘wear and tear’ more than its more expensive counterpart.

We’re not saying here that you should always choose the most expensive items, but we would strongly recommend that you choose the best items you can afford, as this way you can be confident you’ll be getting real value for money.

2. An effective bathroom has to be at least a certain (large) size

We touched on this last week and whilst, in an ideal world, bathrooms would all be spacious and have lots of free floorspace, it doesn’t mean a bathroom can’t be effective if it doesn’t.

Generally speaking, you can build a bathroom in only a couple of square feet – it’s all about how you utilise the space.

Sure, it may not be the most ‘roomy’ of bathrooms, but it will be functional and comfortable to use, which are the two primary qualities any bathroom should have.

3. Water saving appliances don’t really work

When something new is introduced that’s said will save us money, but which costs more to purchase than its more traditional counterpart, there’s often a bit of a backlash against it, with people believing it’s just another way for companies to get money out of them.

We often hear the same beliefs about water saving appliances, but the fact is they really can save you both money and water.

There’s no complex equations that need to be carried out either, you just have to understand that the more water you use in your home, the more you pay for.

Therefore, if you can reduce the amount of water you’re using, your monthly bills will decrease.

By installing a dual-flush toilet, for example, every time you flush you’ll save between 3 and 5 litres of water when compared to a standard 9 litre cistern – if we said the toilet was flushed 12 times a day for an average family of four, you could be reducing your water consumption by up to 1,860 litres per month.

As an experienced plumber in Saffron Walden and the surrounding areas, we’re always looking to ensure our customers get the best service they possibly can – and in many ways, this includes doing our utmost to make sure they have the correct information and understanding about bathrooms in every way possible.

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