3 Questions To Ask When You’re Hiring A Plumber

As a plumber in Braintree, we speak to a number of people on a regular basis, discussing their needs on an individual level to varying degrees.

Every time we have a conversation with a potential customer, we get asked a number of questions – and rightly so! When you’re hiring any company to carry out some work for you, you need to be confident they’re the best company for the job.

However, we sometimes speak to potential customers and they openly say they don’t really know what to ask and just know to explain what it is they’re looking for.

Therefore, if you’re in this same boat, take a look at these three questions, which we feel are vitally important for anyone to ask a plumber when you’re considering hiring them.

1. How much experience do you have in X, Y or Z?

At Aquatech, we offer an array of plumbing, heating and energy services and have extensive experience in them all.

In most instances, it’s knowing this that puts a customer at ease. Of course, there are plenty of plumbers out there who are effectively ‘newly qualified’ and who can do a great job, but as with anything, the more experience you have in something, the more you’re generally able to offer in every respect (and that includes in ways not directly related to the service on offer, such as with customer satisfaction).

2. Can you show me some examples of your previous work?

Although you should be able to take an honest company’s word that their experience is sufficient, a great way to see whether a company is being truthful about their experience is to have a look at their previous work.

All companies selling a service should be able to provide a portfolio of work of some type for you to look through and plumbers are no exception – even if it’s a couple of photos and a few contact numbers of previous clients, that should be enough to give you a good indication of just how high quality the end product they deliver is.

3. How much is it going to cost?

This is one of those questions that some people can feel reluctant to ask, because if the plumber appears to have huge amounts of experience and has carried out some fantastic work, finding out they’re too expensive can be upsetting.

However, the fact is everyone has a budget and no matter whether it’s relatively small or particularly large, you need to ensure the plumber you hire can work with it to fulfil your needs – and if they can’t, you either have to rethink your budget or look elsewhere.

No matter what work it is you’re asking a plumber to carry out, it’s important you feel confident they’re going to provide the best service possible and by asking these three questions, the answers should help you to start feeling as confident as you can.

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