3 Ways We Can Help To Save You Money At Aquatech

We know as much as anyone else how expensive it can be living in the world today.

The global recession that has rocked the world in recent years has meant the amount of money many people are taking home from their job has reduced, but the cost of their household bills has risen, particularly in regards to energy prices.

However, as an experienced plumber in Chigwell, we’re always doing as much as we can to ensure our customers are able to save as much money as possible.

Whilst there are various approaches we can take to do so, the following information details three ways we could help you to save money on your monthly bills with more effective and efficient water and energy systems.

1. Biomass Heating System

Essentially a wood-fuelled way of heating your home, biomass is a carbon-neutral system, as whilst the wood is growing (to produce the pellets – or chips – to fuel the system), it takes more CO2 from the atmosphere than it produces.

But as fantastic as this is for the environment, it’s the cost savings that most people are interested in – and the good news is, they can be considerable.

For example, if you have an electric-based heating system at present, you could save close to £600 a year by replacing it with a biomass one. Even if you’ve got a relatively efficient gas system in place at the minute, you could still save over £100 every 12 months.

2. Solar Thermal Water Heating

An option that’s becoming increasingly popular, solar thermal essentially uses the natural sunlight to heat your water system through the installation of solar panels on your roof.

What’s most appealing about solar thermal is that once you’ve paid for the installation of the panels, you have no further costs other than the occasional bit of maintenance every few years. Therefore, as there’s no monthly payment, this means you can basically heat all of the water in your home completely for free.

3. Rainwater Harvesting

The one thing we get a lot of in the UK is rain, but so much of it goes to waste on an individual level.

Therefore, with water prices seeming to rise regularly, harvesting any rainwater to use in the majority of scenarios in your house could prove to save you a small fortune in a particularly easy way.

Suitable for everything from flushing your toilet through to washing your clothes, you could greatly reduce the amount of money you spend on water in your home simply by using nature’s own supply directly.

Whilst we can’t give you money to help with your everyday living expenses, we are experienced enough in energy solutions, that what we can do is help to ensure your monthly outgoings on your water and energy bills really are as minimal as they can be.

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