What Are The Benefits Of Solar Thermal Energy?

Solar thermal works by installing solar panels on to the roof of a house that conduct energy from the sunlight. This stored energy is then used to generate hot water, which can be used in the household.

Using the sun’s light and energy makes it a highly-cost effective choice, as the source is completely free! The only time you fork out is when the panels are installed and when maintenance is required, which is very rarely.

As the price of electricity, gas, etc. keeps climbing, the indispensableness of solar energy will become apparent and will most definitely become a crucial figure in the future energy mix for cooling and heating.

Solar thermal has some unique and specific benefits; here we will talk through some of them.

– It is available in just about every location possible

– It always leads to a direct reduction of primary energy consumption

– They lead to a reduction in energy bills and reduce fewer carbon emissions

– You will rely less on fossil fuels like oil and gas to heat your property

– Increases power generation and transmission capacities

– It has the possibility of being combined with nearly all kinds of back-up heat sources

– Prices are largely predictable, as your main outgoings occur at the time of installation (and when maintenance is needed; usually between 3-7 years, at a low cost)

– The environmental impact of solar thermal systems is very low

– Does not lead to a significant increase in electricity demand

– Does not depend on future oil, gas, biomass, or electricity prices

– Solar thermals don’t need constant sunlight, they also generate energy on cloudy days

In the past many did not regard solar thermal as an important pillar of the energy supply system since they could not imagine the huge technological development and potential of solar thermal.

Solar thermal is the absolute best option for fulfilling the long-term heating and cooling supply.

In the long-term, the goal will be to meet our heating demand as much as is technically possible with solar energy; preserving the scarce electricity, biomass and fossil fuel resources for instances where solar heating is not yet available at acceptable costs.

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