How To Build An Environmentally-Friendly, Cost-Effective Bathroom

We’re currently living in a world where most of us are having to think carefully about what we spend our money on.

With increased living expenses alongside salaries that aren’t rising, throw into this the need to be more environmentally-friendly and it can lead to an array of different headaches.

Fortunately, as an experienced plumber Saffron Walden, there’s a lot we can actually do to help you both save money and live a more environmentally-friendly life at home.

Something that’s particularly achievable in the bathroom, we’re confident that the bathrooms we build and deliver today can be ones that reduce a number of your household bills, whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.

So how do we do this?

Simply put, it’s all about using the technology and resources we have available to essentially offer modern ways of working with a range of traditional aspects.

Take toilets as an example. As standard, every time you flush the toilet you’re using around 9 litres of water. That’s every single time the toilet is flushed, no matter what it’s being used for.

After much research, it was discovered that at most, you need to be using 6 litres of water and as a minimum, around 4, depending on the purpose of the flush.

Therefore, with every toilet we install, we utilise a dual-flush system – one button will flush with 6 litres of water, whilst the other will use 4, ensuring the optimum – and most efficient – use of water.

Another great example can be seen with your bathroom taps.

Generally speaking, we use too much water when washing our hands. It doesn’t matter how quick we think we are or how careful we are with the water, most taps provide more water than is needed.

It’s because of this why we always look to use aerator taps wherever possible. These add air to the water, reducing the amount of water that’s provided through the tap, but without any noticeable difference when you’re washing your hands, for example.

The reduction of water usage can be so great that it has been reported water consumption has decreased by 50% using such taps.

What’s important to understand is that improvements like these are actually relatively simple and straightforward to implement. Small yet effective, they can have a great impact, but there are various other things that can also be done to have even more of a positive effect, such as rainwater harvesting.

A lot of people think that stored rainwater is only useful for watering the garden or using in water features – the truth is if it’s stored properly, it can be utilised for a whole array of different purposes inside the house.

Use in a washing machine is a prime example, but when it comes to the bathroom, it can be perfect for flushing toilets, meaning that when combined with a dual-flush system, you could have one of the most efficient toilets currently available.

We fully understand the financial and environmental issues that our customers are concerned about today and it’s for this reason why we use our extensive knowledge as a plumber Epping to deliver the most environmentally-friendly, cost-efficient bathrooms we possibly can.

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