Can You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Save Money At The Same Time?

Whenever we look to do anything out of the norm that requires some type of spend, we can instantly think it’s going to cost us more money than normal.

It doesn’t matter what it is, but when we’re faced with change, irrelevant of how beneficial it might be in a variety of different ways, it’s so easy to think of the cost implication.

Look at something general like healthy eating. When you’re wanting to lose a few pounds, you can go shopping and spend more than you normally would as you’re buying bags of pasta, lots of salad items and things like chickpeas and kidney beans. When you see your bill, your first thoughts are likely to be eating healthily costs more money than eating what you normally would does!

But what you have to realise is that the items you buy, although more expensive initially, will greatly reduce your subsequent spending – a bag of pasta might cost £2, but if it can be used in five meals, that’s just 40p a meal.

The reason we’re discussing this is that it’s the exact same situation when you look at reducing your carbon footprint.

As a popular plumber Chigwell – and one with a strong focus on renewable energy – we regularly talk to customers about the potential of reducing their carbon footprint through various different products that can be installed around the home.

However, we’re often met with a wary look, as some customers strongly believe that to reduce their carbon footprint, they’re going to have to spend more money.

And the truth is, that’s probably going to be the case – but only initially.

Look at something such as a biomass heating system as an example. To get one of these systems installed, it’s likely to cost you a few thousand pounds and generally more than a conventional boiler.

But as soon as it is installed, it ‘runs’ on wood chips, an extremely cheap and sustainable energy source. Simply and purely, this means that if you previously heated your house using an electric system, you’ll not only considerably reduce your carbon footprint, but you could save well over £500 a year in energy bills.

It’s the same with rainwater harvesting. There’s going to be a large initial outlay, but you’re going to greatly reduce both your carbon footprint and your monthly bills by using rainwater – which is obviously free – for a variety of purposes around your home.

As an experienced plumber Brentwood, we’re strong believers that we should all be looking to reduce our carbon footprint – and the truth is, you really will be able to save money whilst doing so.

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