Design Your Bathroom To Hide The Piping

When you take the decision to upgrade part, or all of your bathroom, this gives you the opportunity to ensure that all of the plumbing and piping is kept well out of sight.

It will prove helpful if you remember that the piping should be kept accessible if you need to call your plumber in Brentwood out to carry out repairs for you in the future.

Planning is essential

When you enter a bathroom that hasn’t been upgraded from the 1950s or 60s, you will no doubt find a very straightforward room full of one-coloured tiles with simple, similar furniture – most probably in an ‘attractive’ shade of green or peach.

A modern bathroom must be carefully planned with extreme care taken to make sure that everything you need to fit into the bathroom is designed down to the last detail.

Where current designs will include a separate bath and shower, making sure that your plumber has as much easy access to any of the repair points is as much part of the planning as is the choice of gold tap fittings.

Listing everything you need

As part of your preplanning, it helps if you list everything that you’re going to need in your bathroom to suit your ideal set of circumstances. You may not be able to fit everything in, but by choosing what’s most important on your list, the bathroom will work the way you design it.

Once your list is complete, you may call your plumber to talk through your desires so the expert in the behind the scenes work will be able to explain what is possible and what is not.

While you might be more interested in the lighting, the mirrors and the choice of showering closure, the plumbing expert will want to know how they are going to get water to the different parts, wherever they are required in the bathroom and how the waste from sinks, showers and the toilet are designed to leave the area.

The user of the bathroom will spend time wondering about which flooring to apply. Should there be a mixture of under floor heating with wood or tiles?

The plumber, meanwhile, will be wondering how they are going to gain access to the space under the floor so that new piping can be laid correctly and efficiently.

All of this tells you that the design of a bathroom is a mixture between the requirements of the user and the realistic points of view of the person who has to provide all of the plumbing installation.

Your plumber may be less enthusiastic about your ideas of mixing electrical points close to water areas and they will need to apply a mixture of sensible explanations and the letter of the law to be able to offer explanations of why some things will work and some parts of the plan need redesigning.

The owner of the property will be best advised to talk to their plumber at a very early stage because the advice that can be offered will enhance the design making decisions for the whole room.

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