The Importance Of Design When Creating A Small Bathroom

Over the past few years as house prices have been particularly low, people haven’t had the reassurance of long-term job security and spare income has been minimal, when more space has been needed, it’s been a common scenario to make better use of the space you have available, rather than moving house.

One of the most popular reasons for needing more space we see as a plumber Harlow is because families are growing and the one bathroom simply isn’t meeting the demands of the family anymore.

As this is the case, we’re often hired to create an additional bathroom to reduce the amount of traffic the main bathroom sees.

For some people, it’s obvious where they’d put the new bathroom. Perhaps they’ve got a spare room they don’t really use and part of that could be cut off and used as an ensuite for another adjoining room. Or maybe they’ve got an integrated garage that’s too big for their needs and they want to convert a section of it into a spacious downstairs bathroom.

There are plenty more people, however, who don’t believe they could fit a new bathroom in their home. They’ve had a walk round and with the only option seeming to be to completely replace a bedroom with a bathroom – something that isn’t a possibility for most – they’ve decided against it.

But having been in the industry for many years, we’re certain that in the vast majority of houses, there’s space for an additional bathroom – or at the very least, a toilet and basin.

With customers often surprised at how little space is needed, the reason we’re confident is that with the right design, almost any space can be utilised for a bathroom – but it really does come back to the design.

If you’ve ever stayed in a caravan before, you’ll know how little space is required for a toilet, basin and a shower. If you were to take everything out and discuss the measurements, it’s almost guaranteed there’ll be plenty of people who would say there’s no way you could install a bathroom in the available space.

But you can – and people do – and it’s all about the initial design. It’s about how you approach the project, understanding what space you have to play with, what items are on the market to utilise and how much free space an individual is going to need.

With this last point in particular, a lot of the time when we enter a bathroom that we consider ‘small’, the truth is it’s comfortable. You can use all of the facilities easily and whilst you might feel a little cramped, everything is fully functional.

In these bathrooms, it’s highly likely you could reduce the floorspace further and it would still be comfortable to use – it’s only when you start to get into the realms of having to squeeze past a sink to get to the toilet or you have to step over the toilet to get into the shower that things start to not work because the space really is too small.

And the reason small bathrooms are effective really is due to their design. When you have a lot of space available, it generally doesn’t matter whether a toilet is 12 or 15 inches away from a wall – when space is tight, we could be down to centimetre or even millimetre planning.

When you need an extra bathroom in your home, don’t write your property off just because you don’t think there’s enough room. Our knowledge and experience as a plumber Brentwood really has shown that almost irrelevant of how small the space you have available is, we’ll be able to utilise it for a bathroom – and one that really is possible to use regularly, due to the in-depth design work we carry out beforehand.

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