How Do You Know If You Need A New Heating System?

At your home, do you feel like you are getting the most out of your heating system?

Is it efficiently working or is it a bit old and not working as it should be – like a new boiler would?

Working efficiently means it is heating your house but not breaking the bank at the same time. It’s all well and good having a cosy warm house, but not if it is costing you an arm and a leg to pay for it.

But if you are going overboard with your payments, then it is definitely time for you to speak to your local plumber in Saffron Walden about upgrading your heating system.

As well as efficiency, there are other ways you can tell if your heating system isn’t up to the standard you expect; if it is noisy, not warming radiators or rooms properly and tends to break down, then you will definitely need to invest in a new one.

And if you have an old boiler in your home, then something you should know is they only work to approximately 70% of the efficiency expected, whereas a new condensing boiler will be closer to 95%.

That is a huge difference and something you should not be missing out on.

If your boiler is making a lot of unfamiliar noises then not only do you need to have it checked for it working to its maximum potential, but it also needs inspecting for safety reasons.

If you check your radiators and they don’t seem to be getting near to full heat then it could be a simple case that they need bleeding. But if you carry out that procedure and they don’t begin to work better it could mean the whole system is becoming outdated and needs upgrading.

The same goes for cold spots in your rooms; this suggest that your boiler and heating systems are not working efficiently and that the heat distribution controls are not doing their job correctly.

Modern temperature controls are much more reliable and competent at distributing heat around a home.

Obviously, if your boiler breaks down on several occasions then it is definitely a sign that you need a new one, as the older boilers that are still in some properties can no longer be repaired.

Keep an eye on your energy bills, see what you are paying then speak to a family member or a friend to see what they are paying and you can probably judge if you are paying ovre the top to keep your home warm.

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