How To Make Sure Your Plumbing Project’s End Result Is Exactly As You Expect

One of our biggest focuses as a Braintree plumber is customer satisfaction. We not only want to work with as many customers as we possibly can, but we want to fully satisfy each and every customer we provide our plumbing, heating and energy services to.

For us, customer satisfaction is vitally important to any project, as no matter how big or small it is and how high quality the services we provide are, if the end product doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations, it’s essentially been a pointless task in many ways.

We do our utmost to ensure the final product meets each customer’s expectations perfectly, something we aim for by speaking to them in-depth before we even start to carry out any work.

The issues can begin to arise when we get to the end of the project and it becomes apparent that the customer had certain requirements and expectations they hadn’t explained at the beginning.

Therefore, whilst we’ll have delivered our services to the criteria first set out, the customer won’t be fully satisfied with the end product as it doesn’t meet their expectations perfectly, even though we weren’t aware of them.

And it’s for this reason why to ensure you’re completely and utterly satisfied with the final product that any plumber provides, you need to tell them every little thing you want and need, no matter how minor it may seem.

For instance, let’s imagine you were having a new bathroom installed and when asked, you explained that as long as the taps were chrome in their appearance, you weren’t interested in any other factor of them – but when two single taps were installed rather than one mixer tap, you expressed dissatisfaction, as you assumed a mixer tap would have been used.

By this example alone, you can see how something seemingly minor could have a negative effect on your view of not just the bathroom, but the work carried out by the plumber – although the taps installed met your initial specification, they didn’t meet your overall expectations, even though the plumber wasn’t informed about them.

At Aquatech, we do our utmost to ensure we know every single thing our customers want when they hire us. From the major aspects to the finer details, we fully understand that to produce something which fully satisfies, we need to know exactly what the customer wants.

It’s because of this why we’ll always advise that whatever work you’re having carried out, you tell the company exactly what you want – no matter how small or insignificant you may think it is – as this way you can ensure the end result meets your ideas and expectations perfectly.

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