How Your Plumber Will Cut Down Your Plumbing Bills

Asking your plumber how you can reduce your plumbing bills might appear a strange suggestion in the beginning, but we do genuinely enjoy passing on some straightforward knowledge that will help you reduce your water and gas heating plumbing worries.

We know how the majority of problems are caused and by tackling the difficulty before it arrives, you will have less reason to call out your plumber to solve a very straightforward situation.

You won’t find it easy to see what’s gone wrong with your plumbing. Occasionally, you might be able to see a leak, but water has a way of moving around pipes so that is not always obvious where the leak is coming from.

When you have a blockage, there may be a problem with your pipes or your drainage and some of the difficulty may be outside of your property or underground.

When your gas heating feels a little less efficient, that’s certainly a time to call out your plumber because whatever is breaking needs to be repaired quickly before it fails completely, which may cause more damage and increase your final bill.

What not to do with your plumbing

Your plumber will tell you that you shouldn’t allow pipes to freeze inside your home. This causes the water to expand and this may break the pipes or the joints. Your plumber will show you how your pipes can be insulated to make sure that their temperature never drops below freezing.

We will suggest that you don’t use bleach tablets or odour removers or any of those cheap blue tablets in your toilet. They’ll do a good job at removing the odours, but they do tend to break down any rubber parts of your toilet. This might cause your toilet to fail to function properly and you’ll need to call us out to repair the damage.

Wherever you can, it’s essential that you don’t pour grease, oils or fat down your drains. When they are hot they are liquid that you believe is going to move quickly throughout your drainage system, but as they cool down they become hard and it’s then that they clog your pipes.

Eventually the amount of space that other matter can pass through your pipes will be reduced and you’ll need to call your plumber out to clear the blockage.

A simple remedy

It isn’t just an old wives tale that you can add baking soda to a cup of vinegar and pour it down your bath tub or kitchen sink once a month.

By just putting the plug-in, a chemical reaction takes place and after removing the plug and flushing the drain out with water that has recently boiled, the mixture will break up a number of clogs which are caused by hair, soap and anything else you sent down your sink.

Our plumber in Braintree (and for most areas around the M11 corridor) will be pleased to share these tips with you because completing these small tasks will help prevent bigger problems arriving later.

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