From Small Leaks To Hot Water Systems, Do You Realise Just How Many Plumbing Services We Offer?

One of the first bits of advice you’ll get from friends and family when you’re moving out is that when you find a good tradesman, keep hold of their number.

Whether that’s a plumber, joiner, electrician or anyone else, it can sometimes be difficult finding a tradesman who can not only deliver what you need within budget, but also who you trust and have confidence in.

Therefore, when you’ve found someone who ticks all of the boxes, it’s always a good idea to keep their details close by.

As an experienced plumber Epping, we’re proud to say that this is exactly the type of company we are for so many of our customers; a reliable name who people can call on time and time again for their plumbing needs.

Whilst we’re confident there are various reasons behind this, one that we believe is particularly notable is the fact we offer a vast array of different plumbing services, aiming to meet the needs of every single person who is looking for a plumber.

Although we love taking on large projects and have considerable experience doing so, we’re just as happy being called out to fix a leaky tap – we know that in many instances, it’s these smaller things that can be the most important to get right quickest!

And our range of services really does fill a particularly large spectrum. If we said a leaky tap was the smallest service we offer and a full heating system installation or bathroom refurbishment the biggest, there’s a whole host of other services in between.

We can install shower pumps, for instance, to improve the water flow and pressure you receive from your shower or we can replace both hot water cylinders and cold water storage tanks.

It all comes back to us wanting to deliver a service that everyone can benefit from. We want to be that plumber who you can call upon if you’ve got a small repair that needs carrying out, but also the one who you feel confident enough in when looking for someone to manage a much larger project.

Customer satisfaction is vitally important to us and it really is because of this why we do our utmost to ensure each and every one of our customers is fully satisfied with every single service we deliver – and although our plumbing services are undoubtedly our most popular, this focus stretches right across our entire range of services.

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