Want To Save Money? It’s Time To Get Your Leaking Taps Fixed

As an established plumber Epping, we do our utmost to provide as wide of a range of plumbing services as we possibly can.

Covering everything from the installation of a new biomass heating system through to replacing a bathroom suite, our general aim is to ensure that our customers get the most efficient products possible, because simply put, the more efficient something is, the more money it can save you.

And in today’s day and age, we know just how important it is to save money wherever you can.

But although there’s little doubt a new central heating system could reduce your monthly bills and certain approaches, such as rainwater harvesting, can have a dual impact as they also help to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s very often the little things that can add unnecessary expense.

Take a leaking tap as an example. According to USGS, a dripping tap can waste a huge amount of water, more so than you’re likely to realise.

For example, after monitoring several leaking taps, they realised that the average ‘drip’ was around one quarter of a millilitre. By those figures, if we said you had one leaking tap in your house and it leaked once every 30 seconds, that’s 2,880 drips a day.

That’s 1,051,200 drips a year – or if we convert that into units, it’s a staggering 263 litres or 58 gallons of water that’s being wasted every single year.

And this is just one example of how something seemingly small and irrelevant can in fact have a massive cost implication. Things like having the wrong thermostat / programmer in place can also have a huge negative impact.

By having a new one installed, it allows you to ensure your property is at the right temperature throughout the day and gives you full control of how hot each room gets, as well as when the heating in general should come on. It’s points like this which will help to do a lot to reduce how much money you’re spending on your energy bills.

The reason we’re talking about this today is that whilst we thoroughly enjoy working on big projects, it’s important that our customers understand we’re happy to handle the small things as well, as we know that these are the things that can also impact on your monthly outgoings.

Therefore, whatever your plumbing needs are, no matter how big or small, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

An experienced and professional plumber Braintree, we guarantee that whatever it is you require, we’ll deliver it to the highest standards, continually helping to move you forward and have the most effective and efficient systems in place possible.

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