If You’re Thinking About Upgrading Your Water System, Have You Thought About Solar Thermal?

Today, we live in a world where everyone is looking to both save money and be more environmentally-friendly in their daily lives.

Everyone recycles to some degree, carbon emissions from our cars are continually being reduced and more is being done by the government to reduce the impact some organisations and industries have on the environment.

As a plumber Chigwell for many years, we’ve seen a lot of developments in relation to cost savings and the carbon footprint we leave behind in various different ways.

And whilst there have been some fantastic changes over the years, one of the most notable in recent times is solar thermal water heating.

In essence, what solar thermal means is that rather than having to rely on a conventional boiler – or general heating system – that uses gas or electric, for example, to provide your house with hot water, you can use the sun’s natural light.

Done so through solar panels installed on the roof of your house, a solar thermal heating system can make your water heating process carbon neutral, meaning you’re not having any detrimental impact on the environment.

But as great as this is, the most crucial aspect is cost – and the fantastic news is, it’s absolutely minimal.

As the sun is completely free to benefit from, there are no monthly costs for the generating of energy for your water system. The only cost you do have to pay for is the initial installation of the system.

There’s also some maintenance required for the solar panels which incurs a cost, but with the maintenance often only need once every seven years, the associated costs for the entire system really are minimal.

And what’s more, whilst some people believe solar thermal systems are only fantastic if you live in particularly sunny countries, this isn’t the case – they don’t actually work off the sun’s direct rays as such, but the general daylight.

Therefore, whilst they won’t be in operation during the night, from dawn until dusk they’ll be storing energy to heat your water up no matter whether it’s glorious sunshine or overcast!

Having an array of different benefits, with reduced monthly bills and a reduced carbon footprint being two of the most notable, if you’re currently in the process of looking at upgrading your water system or are considering the different ways you could save money whilst being more environmentally-friendly, a solar thermal water heating system could very easily be the perfect option.

And as an experienced plumber Brentwood, we can provide a full implementation of the system and we’re more than happy to offer further information should you get in touch or leave a comment.

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